New Project(s)

Happy October! How did that happen? Life since August . . . Well the rest of August – post-Dracula, that is – became a casualty of burnout. But September? Oh, September. Four shiny new novels have been dancing through my head. Yes, FOUR. Plus a few older ideas reminding me of their particular ass kicking […]

The Devil’s Puppet Show

Oh, Internet. I have so much to tell you! Potential theatre-related opportunities are cropping up in the strangest (and best) of places. They may amount to nothing, but just the experience of trying will be priceless. Dracula has been insanely popular. Even our “slow” nights draw decently sized audiences. An iconic story like Dracula performed […]


Sun makes everything better. Lilacs and apple trees are finally blooming. The lady slippers are beautiful! I do more when the days are longer. Things that have been sitting on the to-do list for months are finally getting crossed off. I’m going more places and hanging out with friends more often. The extrovert hat is out […]

Anxious Announcements!

I can finally announce that SUPER SEKRIT project I mentioned a couple posts back. ANXIETY INK is live! Together with two fabulously talented women, we blog about various aspects of writing, from the perspective of writers beginning their careers. Can’t promise we’ll always get it right, or that there even is anything like a right or […]

Boundary Issues

The other day, someone extended an open invitation to their home. That happens pretty frequently here. And people mean it. The polite thing is to return the courtesy. “Drop in whenever!” But I can’t. So I always feel awkward when this happens. I grew up in a house with that sort of policy. It didn’t […]