Busy Week!

Last week, I went to Readercon 24. It was amazing. I have every intention of making this now a Thing. What made it even better was the fact that one of my best friends, whom I hadn’t seen in almost two years, joined me in Burlington for the con before following me home. Sadly, Sunday […]


With all the ups and downs of life lately, carving out time to write has been hard. …No. I should be honest here: I’ve been procrastinating. But the point is that I’ve had an incredibly difficult time making myself sit down and write. And now I’m fixing it. I applied to Clarion West last winter. […]

Random Thought Of The Day

What if books were separated not into fiction and non-fiction, but by subject as determined by the title? That’s right — all you have to go on is the title. Just a glance at the nearest bookcase gives me… Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series shelved in medical Laurie R. King’s The Beekeeper’s Apprentice shelved with […]

Of Art, Diversity, And Dogs

There’s a book that has sat on my shelf for months. Not lined up neatly with the rest, spine facing out, but on the lip of the shelf so that its cover will tempt me with promises of an orgasmic read. The book? The Gaslight Dogs by Karin Lowachee. I haven’t read anything by Lowachee […]

It’s Alive!

I’ve mentioned this before: I met some amazing people at World Fantasy Con last fall. A few months ago, one of my wonderful new friends contacted me, asking if I’d be interested in contributing to a fantasy anthology, to be crowdsourced via Kickstarter, emphasizing kick-ass female characters. The anthology is named Fight Like A Girl. […]

2012 Reading Roundup

For a while this past year, I kept a reading list. It ended up falling by the wayside towards the end, so not everything I read is recorded, but I’ve been seeing this elsewhere and I’m curious to see what my past year of reading looks like. Not enough non-fiction, I already know that. And […]