Sad Excuse For A Post

I meant to make a different post entirely, but I have spent the last week doing such a perfect impression of the stereotypical flighty artist. A new obsession has claimed me. It’s a project I’m so afraid of jinxing, I can’t even post about it here. It’s nerve-wracking, and amazing, and intense. No idea what […]

Now To Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Life

Starting tomorrow, I will be largely away from the internet. That’s right, folks: we’re moving. Finally. We’ve been in process (slow, slow process) all October while we wait for the last little things (which turn out to be not so little) to be finished. There will be photos. Eventually. Internet may still take another month. […]

Rejection Sucks

Don’t like rejection? Congratulations! You’re human. That more than I can say for some people around here. Rejection hurts. I know; I just received one. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life. The pain of it tells us we’re alive, or some crap like that. Writers, performers, and other artists, I think, more conscious of the […]