New Project(s)

Happy October! How did that happen? Life since August . . . Well the rest of August – post-Dracula, that is – became a casualty of burnout. But September? Oh, September. Four shiny new novels have been dancing through my head. Yes, FOUR. Plus a few older ideas reminding me of their particular ass kicking […]

This Is Exciting!

I have awesome dreams. I’ve mentioned that before in this blog, and it bears repeating. These are dreams I don’t want to wake up from – not until we’ve reached the goal or found the thing, not until I’ve gotten to know the other characters. It’s breathless and exciting and heart-pounding. That’s the sort of story […]

Dreaming Worlds

It’s official: Ecuador has crept into my dreams. Have I said before just how much dreams influence my stories? Because they do. I’ve had whole plots lines and casts of characters handed to me in a single dream. I’ve had a dreams inspire entire series — sometimes a single dream, sometimes a few mixed together. […]

K-Dramas And Dream Interpretations

What do you dream about? What do your dreams tell you about yourself? Mine are always an adventure. Usually, I’m fighting and kicking all sorts of ass. Sometimes my dreams work through what’s going on in my life, in the waking hours. I have the unhealthy tendency to become obsessed with TV shows. The most […]