Dreaming Worlds

It’s official: Ecuador has crept into my dreams. Have I said before just how much dreams influence my stories? Because they do. I’ve had whole plots lines and casts of characters handed to me in a single dream. I’ve had a dreams inspire entire series — sometimes a single dream, sometimes a few mixed together. […]

Because I Am Just That Awesome

Before I get back to the Ecuador trip (because you’re all dying to know, I’m sure):  we are officially in the last  hours of the Kickstarter campaign for the Fight Like a Girl fantasy anthology! If you’ve been procrastinating — not that anyone here ever would *ahem* — now is the time to help support […]

The Next Adventure

So I’m heading to Ecuador in March. That’s sounding pretty fantastic about now, as wind chill is supposed to drop the temperature to around -27°F tonight. And we’re on the coast. Can’t imagine what it’s like farther north. Yep. The equator sounds like a nice place to be. And growing up here taught me that […]