I Do Not Have To Justify Myself To You

Speaking of insecurities, I could catalog mine all day. Ever make a major life decision without necessarily knowing how important it may or may not turn out to be? Then spend what seems the rest of your life trying to explain it so you won’t be judged and found wanting? Yeah, the subject of my […]

Dreaming Worlds

It’s official: Ecuador has crept into my dreams. Have I said before just how much dreams influence my stories? Because they do. I’ve had whole plots lines and casts of characters handed to me in a single dream. I’ve had a dreams inspire entire series — sometimes a single dream, sometimes a few mixed together. […]

Needs Improvement

Everyone has things she would like to improve on. Even the narcissists I know don’t consider themselves perfect. So in honor of imperfection, I give you a List Of (my) Writing Skills In Need Of Improvement: Cover Letters — The bane of my existence, for writing-to-(traditionally)-publish as well as for the unfortunately necessary existence of […]