Update (The Highlights)

Life since my last update: My youngest sister had her baby! She then got married Which happened just a few days after my uncle’s funeral And while I was besieged by The Plague, requiring that I communicate via whiteboard. I have not been writing much (which has a lot to do with the lack of […]


I have been incredibly selfish lately, and it’s only going to get worse until the show’s over. I haven’t made the time to spend with family that I really ought to and I avoid committing to plans so I won’t feel too guilty when I flake at the last minute. The Flighty Artist is about […]

Still Alive

. . . Great. Now I have that song from Portal stuck in my head. I just typed and scheduled two posts for Anxiety and desperately need to squeeze in some writing time before sleep takes over, but if I don’t post here, it could be another three weeks before I resurface. Performances start in less […]

Sad Excuse For A Post

I meant to make a different post entirely, but I have spent the last week doing such a perfect impression of the stereotypical flighty artist. A new obsession has claimed me. It’s a project I’m so afraid of jinxing, I can’t even post about it here. It’s nerve-wracking, and amazing, and intense. No idea what […]