Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

‘Tis the season…for making resolutions and setting goals! Once upon a time, I made new resolutions every new year and each one went the standard way of New Year’s resolutions: they quickly faded from memory. But over the last several years, I’ve become much better. Most of my tracking and public accountability is over at […]

Welcome 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 has officially arrived, my laundry list of goals and challenges for the year created, tweaked, and ready for tackling. 2014 was (mostly) a whirlwind of awesome, and I hope this year continues and builds on that trend. May we all have a happy, healthy year spending time with those we love, […]

Happy New Year!

It is no longer New Year’s Day in many parts of the world, but I wanted to post a quick check-in. Christmas was . . . insane. In a good way, but insane. New Year’s has been in contrast amazingly low-key and productive. This day last year, I had some goals of habits I wanted […]