Still Learning

Babies operate on their own schedules, and good luck trying to dictate anything different! I learned that more quickly and painfully when my daughter decided to cut what is usually a many hours- or even days-long process of arrival down to two hours. Of course, I knew this about babies years ago, but knowing something […]


In a strange turn of events, I’m actually participating in NaNo this year. For the uninitiated, that’s National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as November, when people sacrifice their lives to crank out 50,000 words of novel. In 30 days. I’m doing a modified challenge and talk about the details over at Anxiety Ink. The […]

Highlights Of A Snow Day

I actually really like the snow, even (especially?) when the drifts are waist-high. Shoveling is an amazing workout. I will be sore tomorrow. Finally sat down and typed a couple shorter pieces I’ve been procrastinating on for a while. Realized that those pieces are not as horrible as I thought. No (day job) work! This […]