And Go-Time!

Bags are mostly packed. One post is up and another scheduled for Anxiety Ink, and keeping with the theme of the moment, they’re about my experiences and things I’ve learned traveling as a writer. I don’t know how often I’ll post, but Twitter may see some decent action, for once. If you haven’t followed me yet, […]

How I Like To Travel

I finally sat down and making up my Istanbul sightseeing wish list. It is short. As in, we could probably do it all in a day if we had to. My list (not in order of preference): Hagia Sophia/Ayasofya Blue Mosque Topkapı Palace Yerebatan Cistern Galata Bridge and Tower Grand Bazaar (specifically the Book Market and […]

Of Loves And Languages

There is nothing quite like leaving things until the last minute. Granted, with a whole week still to go, I may have to give up the procrastination crown. In one week, I’ll be on a plane headed to Istanbul. (I’ll try to post while I’m gone, but no guarantees.) Since I bought the tickets a […]