Reality begins to set in, as the awesome folks over at Fantasy Book Critic have a post up today about our anthology, courtesy of R. B. He goes more in-depth about the genesis of the idea behind Winter in the City and process of getting it to Kickstarter, which has been fascinating and a huge […]

Happy Announcing Day!

. . . It’s still the first of the month, right? Happy All Hallows, happy first day of November, happy first day of NaNo, happy fifth anniversary to me and my husband, and . . . Happy Kickstarter launch day! Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s ok, because it’s been a Super Secret project […]

Up, And Up, And Up

What I’ve been up to the last two weeks: Finishing the damned novel revision. (It is now done. It’s really done.) Typing said revision. (Also done.) Writing, revising, and recording my submission to the newest Wordcount Podcast episode, found here. The theme this time? “You’ve discovered you have a superpower…” I’m last in the line-up, minus the […]