Five Favorite Flavors

Photo by Lyz!

So Katy asked me over on Facebook what my five favorite ice cream flavors are. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Huckleberry (Sadly, I don’t think it exists in Maine)
  2. Beni-imo (Discovered on my first trip to Japan and haven’t had it since, described to me as “purple potato” ice cream, but I think it’s taro)
  3. Ben and Bill’s* KGB (Kahlua, Grenadine, Baileys) or rum raisin
  4. Cherry vanilla, or cookies ‘n cream, or ginger
  5. A light/non-greasy peanut butter ice cream with chocolate swirl we used to get when I was about six and haven’t found since…except it might have been frozen yogurt, rather than ice cream…TCBY had some of the best flavors…

Ok, that’s a bit more than five, but I need my options!

*If you haven’t been to a Ben and Bill’s, DO! They’re a smaller New England chain. Let me know if you make it to the Bar Harbor shop; I might meet you there.

3 thoughts on “Five Favorite Flavors

  1. The peanutbutter ice cream was Hershey’s brand. We stopped getting it when we started getting serious about getting skinny. Hannaford actually has a decent “lite” version of it.

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