How Do We Do What We Do?

No, I’m serious. How do we do it? How do we put pen to paper or fingers to keys and turn all these images in our head into words? Then how do we turn these words into a cohesive piece?

We all probably ask these questions at some point. The only answer I’ve yet found is: we just do.

What answers have you found?

4 thoughts on “How Do We Do What We Do?

  1. l’ve yet 2 complete anything, mind u. That said; Expression is something that needs 2 be, well…..expressed, so there’s this need 4 me try and put pen/pencil 2 paper.

    This probably would address your previous post better, but l feel part of what drives me is my unwillingness 2 give up dreaming, and because of that, l’m driven 2 press 4ward, regardless as 2 how bad the “day” is.

    Now all l have 2 invest in is a Spell/Grammar/Punctuation/etc/check app, & l’d be set.

    Take care, MJ

    1. Phil, I completely agree with you. If we didn’t have that passion, why would we ever put ourselves through all this? Our dreams are what keep us alive and sane in the midst of all this crazy.

      1. Um… well, 1st; My apologies (lt must have been a longer night than l thought, when l wrote that) Though l stand by every word, l was responding 2 a (?) that u didn’t ask. l couuld have sworn u’re post said; “Why” Do We Do What We Do, & not “How” Anyway….My Bad! Still cool topic, though. 🙂

        1. No worries! I’m always happy to get comments, even if they’re completely unrelated, and yours is very related and relevant. Most of the time, they ‘why’ we create seems to be a driving force of the ‘how.’ We can do it because we’re passionate about it and driven to it.

          I haven’t thought too much about the question of why we create. Hm… You may have given me my next post subject. 🙂 I’ll have to think on this…

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