The Birthday Post

You get what you ask for! (Nice change, isn’t it?)

On Monday, July 16, I turned 27. You may applaud. I know: it’s impressive that I’ve survived so long.

We had a cookout/picnic at this wonderful little place called Tidal Falls, where a narrow stretch of water connects a sizable bay to the ocean. I’ve only ever been there with an outgoing tide, so I have yet to see the water flow actually reverse. I managed not to cut myself on the barnacle-covered rocks I clambered over in my flip-flops.

My ‘little’ sisters investigating a tidal pool.

We ate good food; we ate good cake (chocolate with whipped cream frosting, courtesy of Gram). We chased after a soccer ball and my four year old little brother (my family is big and convoluted, and will probably require its own post). He also insisted on ‘helping’ me unwrap presents.

The Haul.

So a mostly quiet, completely fantastic day! One of these years, I’ll organize a proper party like I wanted to do for my 25th. Maybe next year?

2 thoughts on “The Birthday Post

  1. Seeing as how l believe this is my 5th comment/question (not including multiple (?’s) in the same post. :-), l thought l’d make this my last (4 a li’l while, anyway) Much rather some1 take the tact of; “Hey, l haven’t seen Phil 4 a while’, than take the tact of; ” him, again?” Yeah..l’ve got insecurity issues.

    Be that as it may, l wanted 2 say that l’m glad that your b’day seemed 2 be a festive one. Not that it matters, but l can relate 2 having a sibling, that the age descrepancy is a wide one. As a toddler, my sis was finishing high school. The saving grace 4 me was there was no sibling rivalry.

    While l won’t be commenting so much in the upcoming weeks, be assured that l will be checking out your blog, 2 see what kind ot insights that you’ll be dispensing. Since 4 me, this is a melancholy Sunday. l think l’ll spread the angst by making a few skype calls.

    See u ’round MJ

    1. But I love getting comments! And I love your comments! I’m sorry today is a bad one for you. Bad days happen much more often than any of us would like. I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing your comments resurface!

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