I’ve Been Distracted

The last two-plus years have been a screaming, out-of-control roller coaster ride. And I get motion-sick. (Gee thanks, Mom!) So what do I do? I add to it. Maybe because my inner control-freak needed some big, stressful project I have control over to match the big, stressful project I’ve had practically no control over.

That’s right, folks: I built a house. Am building. No, not me, personally. It’s a modular, and it’s gorgeous. (Yes, I am in the severely-biased phase.)

This will be home:

It arrived on a truck. A house. Arrived on a truck. In a word: surreal.

It’s been sitting on the foundation for just over a week. I’m busier since it came, trying to make sure we can finish everything as soon as possible. If things go well, we can maybe move in by the end of the month. (Holy crap! I need to pack…)

I am actively trying not to fall off the face of the virtual world, but if I do, you now know where to find me.

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