Solemnly Swear We Are Up To No Good

**Edit: Links fixed! We are back in business.

In addition to fairs, and friend visits, and the overnight onset of fall, I have been up to things. Namely, this:

Miss You, Write Soon

This blog will update Mondays and Thursdays and showcase the letters of two friends on opposite sides of the country: one in Seattle, the other in Maine. If that is sounding suspiciously familiar, it’s because the premise is based on reality. The Amazing Kiri and I were talking one night about not knowing enough about what happens in each other’s lives since I moved back to Maine. And as such conversations inevitably go, we hatched a plan for a collaboration.

The Disclaimer: These letters are works of fiction. If you think you see yourself or someone else in the characters mentioned, please understand that the characters are not representative of anyone in real life. Yes, I use aspects of real people and details of actual events. Such is the price of knowing a writer.

(So Mom, if I make my character’s mother witchy and self-centered, know that’s not how I see you, ok? Not that I will, necessarily — that’s just an example…)

We have no idea where this project will go, if it goes anywhere. It’s an experiment for us both, and you’re all welcome along for the ride. So click the link. Take a look.

2 thoughts on “Solemnly Swear We Are Up To No Good

  1. Sounds like a onederful project. lf l hadn’t mentioned it b4, Kiri had written something that led me “here” (now that l think of it, l think your name was a recommendation/link, & l clicked on it)

    Anyway…l wish that l was writing 2 u 2 talk more about this project that y’all r work in on. Heck, while l’m wishing 4 things, l wish that W/P had a pvt msg function, but l digress.

    Plz 4give me if l wrote something similar 2 this b4, but l tend 2 be 4getful, from time 2 time. Anyway, because of a phone call l had 2 make, l found out that l’ll likely be making my exodus from the interwebs…between 0ct ‘n Nov, 4going “divine” intervention.

    All that said; l just wanted 2 say that l’m glad l found this site, and whether my time away is brief, extended, or (fingers crossed) not at all, your posts have been entertaining, thought provoking, & in4mative, and know that even when l’m not commenting, l’m always checking your posts out.

    Cont’d success 2 u M.J.

    1. Kiri and I were roommates for a while in Seattle. She’s an amazingly talented woman, and not having her around has been one of the hardest aspects of being back in Maine. This project is definitely a way for us to be more present in each other’s lives again, even with an entire continent between us.

      On the Contact Me page, I’ve put one of those handy boxes for sending me a private note, rather than leaving everything in comments. It’s not quite a pm function, but it’s a way to say what you want without it being public for the world.

      I always appreciate your comments. It’s wonderful to know I’m not writing in a void, and that what I have to say resonates with other people. Thank you!

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