Wish Fulfillment

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One of the biggest perks for me as a writer is wish fulfillment. Seriously.

I mean, we all have those awkward, you’re-a-horrible-human-being-but-I-can’t-say-that moments. Those times when someone deserves a verbal royal smack-down, at the very least. That person probably deserves a punch, too, but that would require touch. Ew.

Usually, all those moments (of which my life has waaaay too many) band together to give me altogether new scenarios to put in my stories. Rarely do the original incidents come through in anything like the reality. But every once in a while something so truly spectacular happens that it eventually worms its way more or less intact into a work of fiction.

The post I’m planning for the Miss You Write Soon project on Thursday will be one such. Intentions may change between now and then, but for the moment, I’m using an incident in its inglorious whole that happened when I was sixteen. Only Regan will be able to say all the things I never though to say back then, even if I’d had the confidence to say them.

What about you? What moment from your life would you choose, and what would you or your fictional character say?

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