Now To Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Life

Starting tomorrow, I will be largely away from the internet. That’s right, folks: we’re moving. Finally.

We’ve been in process (slow, slow process) all October while we wait for the last little things (which turn out to be not so little) to be finished. There will be photos. Eventually.

Internet may still take another month. I will ninja-post when I can. And in another couple weeks, you may see me posting from the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto. (I can’t even get through that thought without grinning like a maniac.)

So internet detox. Been there, done that, and a reprise is massively overdue. I recommend giving it a try, especially if the idea of being unplugged makes you a little squirrelly.

Nooo! WordPress! My Facebook! My Tumblr! My life!!!

…Yep. This is how I know I’m overdue for another screen detox.

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