Ninja-Posting From Toronto!

Today is my anniversary. 4 years! So why am I in Toronto and not with my husband, at home in our new and still-internet-less house? Just a little thing called the World Fantasy Convention. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

I don’t know what to expect, as my convention experience is limited to the small one we had at my college that focused on women in sf/fantasy/gaming/any-possible-aspect-of-geekdom. This is bigger. A lot bigger.

Yesterday was an adventure getting here. Yay, Canadians! Luckily, everyone I met was really happy and helpful. At one point, I missed the bus stop I needed (by quite a bit) and the bus driver told me to stay on after his last stop and he’d drop me off on his way back to the terminal.

The directions I had were accurate and straightforward, but maybe too simplistic. Or maybe I should have done a better job of actually researching them. I had to stop so many people to ask for help, and I got here without too many complications. But on the return trip, I’m paying for a taxi.

I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I’m off to see if registration check-in is open yet.

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