Where I Want To Be

Four days back from World Fantasy Con. Still haven’t quite figured out how to blog about it, because it was just that amazing.

My advice to anyone going for the first time, like I did: go by yourself or with someone who has attended before. If I hadn’t been alone, I might never have stepped outside my comfort zone to meet wonderful people and make some fantastic new friends.

Now I just have to smother the inner critic, who is convinced they will all read these posts and think I’m totally lame. But they won’t. Because I’m awesome.

Is it strange that it sometimes feels like I’m having trouble fitting back into my life, post-con? I learned a lot. It was both humbling to meet all these people at the same point as I am in this whole process and inspiring to talk with those who are where I want to be. I now have definite goals of what I want to be doing for myself as a writer in the next year or two.

Going to more cons? Hell, yes. Already signed up for WFC 2014. I have a list of others I want to attend as well, but whether or not I can go is contingent on other things that I won’t get into now.

My sister is trying to talk me into DragonCon. She’s known me 27 years. How has she not figured out that there will be bloodshed if we share a hotel room  for the weekend?

At least I have some time to figure it out. And tonight, I’m off to see a gender-swapped, steampunked Pirates of Penzance. Life is good. Now if only we have internet by Thanksgiving…

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