Art Goes Multi-Media

I’ve been informed my last post was…cryptic. Something needed to go up, and the only thing in my head was the new project. And it was so new and big and scary that I couldn’t post about it here. I’ve calmed since then. Just a little.

I’m telling this story in a different medium. That’s what makes it so scary. I have no idea what to expect of the final product. It’s broadly collaborative, so I’m relying on a growing-larger-all-the-time group of people. So there’s a significant element beyond my control. It’s a medium of which I have only the barest surface knowledge.

We are making a series of connected, post-apocalyptic film shorts. They will happen. They will post to Youtube.

It might take months before we have anything ready to see. But it will happen.

I have so many hopes for this project, beyond the end product. Perhaps the biggest is that in creating it, we also create a space to nurture art and creativity. I hope everyone takes chances and risks, pushes boundaries and learns something new. That’s what this project is to me already (I am so out of my depth; it’s beautiful) and I want to allow the same for others. There is an amazing energy in a creative community, and that — more than video — is what we are making.

And we haven’t even had the first production meeting yet!

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