The Writing Nook

Some people have breakfast nooks. I have a writing nook. It’s received mention here before, so I decided it was time for show-and-tell.

Messy, but beautiful.

That mess under the desk? Can’t see it when I’m working, but it does make for interesting foot rests. The bright Indian scarves? They’re disguising my crazy bags and boxes of notebooks. Some of them date back 17 years or more. I’ve never thrown one out (this is the bulk of my collection, but hardly all of it), and they make a wonderful draft guard.

That door they’re blocking leads to the rest of our upstairs, not pictured here. It is unfinished, which also happens to mean uninsulated, though we have plans to enlarge the landing and put in a bedroom or two.

The cork board currently contains my New Year’s resolutions and some storyboards for the post-apocalyptic film project, along with various quotes and stickers. I love that I now have a place to pin the important things — the ones I need to be reminded of every once in a while.

Do you have a space dedicated to creative things? Maybe it’s not in your home. Maybe it’s a dance studio or a coffee shop. What does your ideal work space look like?

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