It’s Alive!

I’ve mentioned this before: I met some amazing people at World Fantasy Con last fall. A few months ago, one of my wonderful new friends contacted me, asking if I’d be interested in contributing to a fantasy anthology, to be crowdsourced via Kickstarter, emphasizing kick-ass female characters.

The anthology is named Fight Like A Girl. The title says it all.

Of course, I said yes.

Now that campaign is live. Follow this link. Go forth and pledge for an awesome cause! Because publishing me is pretty awesome. And the sooner it’s funded, the sooner I’ll stop pestering all of existence. (About this, anyway.)

And for anyone living under a technological rock (yes, Mom, I’m looking at you): Kickstarter is a service that allows you to pledge however much you like towards the creation of a project. If it doesn’t reach it’s fundraising goal within 30 days, you keep whatever amount you pledged and the project isn’t created.

So please! Help make this happen.

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