Breaking Silence

I have been to Ecuador and back again. Even had multiple threats to keep me there, if we hadn’t all known my husband would go Liam Neeson (in Taken) on them. Guess this means I didn’t overstay my welcome.

More posts on the subject to come, but for now just a few of the highlights to get something up, so you all know I’m still alive.

  • The water didn’t kill me! Hooray! (Actually, I didn’t even get sick — something I had accepted as a given would happen.)
  • My skin is not excessively darker than when I left, due to the amount of sunblock I wore. The only other option was doing a remarkable impression of a cooked lobster. I opted to stay glow-in-the-dark white.
  • Ate many fruits I’d never seen or heard of before. They were amazing.
  • Met many wonderful, fantastic people.
  • Was rejected from the writing workshop I’d applied to. (Not really related to the trip, but I got the email while there.) On the bright side, this means I can go to Readercon in July! Barring work, of course.
  • Came home with two brand new short story ideas, fixes to another, and development of a fourth!
  • The Kickstarter project is fully funded! With one week left to go on the campaign, this is totally an awesome time to support an amazing anthology. Seriously. And if we reach $11,300 I’ll be writing a bonus story for the electronic version. You know you want to help us out!

…And I’ll leave it at that for now, but so much more to come! Promise!

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