Because I Am Just That Awesome

Before I get back to the Ecuador trip (because you’re all dying to know, I’m sure):  we are officially in the last  hours of the Kickstarter campaign for the Fight Like a Girl fantasy anthology! If you’ve been procrastinating — not that anyone here ever would *ahem* — now is the time to help support it! Here’s the link.

And we did pass the stretch goal that means I’ll have a second story in the anthology. Because I am just that awesome.

Seriously: strong female fantasy characters? YES. Supporting amazing, many heretofore unpublished writers? YES. What’s not to love? (If anyone actually tries to answer that question, you will make me a sad panda.)

As for Ecuador… I can’t begin to summarize the trip. Stories might come out piecemeal. Some may show up in one of the anthology stories. Just saying.

So in lieu of stories (for now), I present you PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that I was, indeed, in Ecuador:

This is me. At a waterfall outside the town of Baños. I like waterfalls.
This is a flower. It will not knock you out and make you hallucinate. (I don’t think so, anyway.) That’s a different flower. No, I didn’t try it.
Pretty mountain, random cow, and accidentally catching my reflection.

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