A Brief Note On Family

I’ve been an absentee blogger these last couple weeks. That’s changing for the better. Promise!

It’s occurred to me (after spending last weekend with my sister in MA) that some personal background might be in order. Specifically, my siblings. And it’s complicated. I generally prefer to respect my family’s privacy, but I sometimes talk about them. It can get confusing.

So, the lineup: Two half-sisters who could legally drink by the time I was born. One full sister, 15 months older, and we get along about as often as we can’t stand each other. Two adopted sisters and two adopted brothers. The sisters are now all legal adults. The youngest brother just turned five.

As my dad was one of twelve, significant age differences between siblings are nothing new or different. Crazy family dynamics are normal. You can’t put so many people together and NOT end up with insane stories.

My family has always been a massive influence on my writing; they’ve given me a wonderful palette to draw from. And if any of them recognize themselves in my characters, I swear it’s coincidence!

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