Random Thought Of The Day

What if books were separated not into fiction and non-fiction, but by subject as determined by the title? That’s right — all you have to go on is the title.

Just a glance at the nearest bookcase gives me…

  • Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series shelved in medical
  • Laurie R. King’s The Beekeeper’s Apprentice shelved with books on bees
  • Patricia McKillip’s Riddle-Mast of Hed would go with jokes and games

Where would some of your favorites end up?

6 thoughts on “Random Thought Of The Day

    1. … Still laughing over Les Mis and LotR. Well, all of them, really. This game is too much fun to play! Especially at work when I’m starting to go cross-eyed from putting away so many books.

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