It was a wild and crazy week. Lots of places. Little downtime. But all over awesome.

You guys get the highlight reel, in reverse chronology.

Saturday morning. Super Spy brunch in Bar Harbor with two other fabulous women. (And now I’m totally craving another salted caramel drink from The Opera House Internet Café.)

Thursday evening. A wonderfully musical time at my little sister’s birthday.

But the best part? That was Tuesday. My grandmother’s 80th birthday. I took the day off from work. And the absolute best part of the week was her face when her son whom she hadn’t seen in about five years walked in.

I’d known he was coming for months. He lives and works on another continent, so getting home doesn’t happen often. She only began to suspect something was up when I gave some lame excuse for not driving her to the restaurant, but she never guessed it would be a surprise like that.

So that was my awesome week. Flashes of it, anyway. How was yours?

3 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. My week started with a four year old’s gym party on Sunday followed by a crap day on Monday and the best Skype with Dad and Gram on Wednesday. She sounded happy and it was great to see the both of them together. I’m so glad he made the trip and wish I could have been there too!

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