With all the ups and downs of life lately, carving out time to write has been hard.

…No. I should be honest here: I’ve been procrastinating. But the point is that I’ve had an incredibly difficult time making myself sit down and write. And now I’m fixing it.

I applied to Clarion West last winter. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an amazing, intensive six-week writing workshop for scifi/fantasy/horror in Seattle. Considering I’m still home and the workshop officially commences this Sunday, I didn’t make the cut. Oh, well. There’s always next year.

But Clarion West is a non-profit that runs on donations. They’ve been gearing up for one fundraiser that will continue the whole six weeks of the workshop. It’s a write-a-thon. The way it works: writers set goals, and they write; others choose a writer (or two, or three) to sponsor and support the goal-making.

I have an account, but my page has yet to go live. I’ll link when that happens. In the meantime, check it out! And if you see a writer you want to sponsor, go for it.

I’m using the write-a-thon for creative accountability, more than anything else. My goal is to write for two hours every day. Creative hours have fallen by the wayside these last several months, and I miss them. Two hours will be a stretch with life right now, but it needs to happen. By the end of the six weeks, I aim to have this damn novel revised and a decent start on the rough draft of the next project.

And an important detail: donations to Clarion West are tax deductible! Every bit helps, even if it’s only $5 or $10. I’d love to have your support, but there are so many amazing writers signed up — pick one!

If you’re a writer and want to get in on the action, you still have through midnight Saturday to create an account. It will take a while for the account to activate and a little longer for your page to go up, but you still can. And if 300 people sign up to write, there will be some awesome pledging action, I have heard, from some fantastic people.

It all starts June 23!

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