Perfect People Being Perfect

I just saw an amazing production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The man playing Prospero is a friend and a brilliant actor/director/teacher. I watched it with one of my sisters (an artist), her younger daughter (who is certainly an artist, but I’m not sure she would say or think that of herself… at least not yet), and a friend (who is a professional photographer).

This is a show intrinsically tied in my memory to my Seattle roommate (all-around badass bard Kiri Callaghan) and her best friend (also an amazing actress, director, and person).

… Are you sensing a theme?

I have so many phenomenally talented and fantastically creative people in my life. It’s difficult to believe that they don’t all already know each other. How could they not fall in love with each other, as I am in love with each of them? How awesome might their collaborative creative brainchildren be?

In a word: epic.

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