And We’re Off! (Again)

I don’t know how I ever managed a full time job. Maybe it was that whole lack of a social life out in Seattle. I had a couple friends, but they were busy with their own crazy lives and I was severely impaired in the vehicle department.

After three years, I’m still adjusting to being back home. I have a lot more friends here. I have family. Lots and lots of family. I have some fantastically creative collaborative projects in the works.  There is an amazing non-profit I volunteer with whenever possible. I only work 15 days a month and can barely keep up.

I still don’t know how to pace myself.

So I’m taking a break. The Husband and I are taking a long weekend on an island in the middle of a lake where the only internet access will be what my phone can manage on whatever signal makes it out that far. (Just typing that feels strange. This phone is still total magic.)

We both need this time to unplug. Wish us luck!

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