Anxious Announcements!

I can finally announce that SUPER SEKRIT project I mentioned a couple posts back.

ANXIETY INK is live! Together with two fabulously talented women, we blog about various aspects of writing, from the perspective of writers beginning their careers. Can’t promise we’ll always get it right, or that there even is anything like a right or wrong, but you should check it out, and help us start some discussions!

We’ll be updating three times a week, and we each currently have a post up. Every Monday, there will be a new one from me, while the other ladies post Wednesday and Friday. We all have different styles, approaches, and interests (though we all have leanings toward fantasy in our fiction), so it looks to be a rather eclectic mix.

And as if that’s not enough, I now have another collaborative project in the works that I hope to announce shortly. This is a pretty crazy-exciting year!

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