All Supernatural

…And October is half gone, already. How does this happen?

Also, how did I manage to marathon a season of Supernatural in two days? (That question is purely rhetorical. In case you were wondering.)

Between the show and Halloween coming up, I’m curious to find out what other people believe regarding the supernatural: ghosts, psychics, other worlds, the divine…

Religiously, I am happily agnostic. (If that sends me to Hell, at least my dad’s saving me a seat!) I believe there is more to our world than we can comprehend, and I believe that the dead never fully leave us.

I am curious about and fascinated by other beliefs since they help to shape my own. Please share: do you believe in the supernatural? What does that mean to you?

3 thoughts on “All Supernatural

  1. l believe there is more out there than my five senses can comprehend. l have witnessed that which l can not convey w/ words {so l won’t try.. by sounding foolish, in doing so} properly.

    l have a relative that asked me on a number of occasions if l wanted 2 speak w/ my late Mother. l declined, not b\c l doubted her sincerity {she’s part of the Rosicrution order}, but 4 other reasons.

    l try 2 go by the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer; [paraphrasing] “be open 2 anything, but be attatched 2 nothing”

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