I Did It Again

My hair doesn’t look that long in this photo, but trust me; it is.

So Thursday morning, I woke up with dark brown hair to my waist.

I kissed my husband good-bye and drove to Bangor to pick up my grandmother. Because she likes to be my wingman when there’s a chance of me doing something dumb.

A few hours later, nearly two feet of hair shorter, and after instigation encouragement from two hair dressers, and older female customer, and my 80 year old grandmother, I walked out looking like this:

Maybe I should go as Tinkerbell for Halloween…

Change is good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Did It Again

  1. Wow. You are brave. As one of my favorite lines in the movie your youngest brother has to watch repeatedly now (Thor) “It’s a good look.” 🙂

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