Happy Announcing Day!

. . . It’s still the first of the month, right?

Happy All Hallows, happy first day of November, happy first day of NaNo, happy fifth anniversary to me and my husband, and . . .

Happy Kickstarter launch day!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s ok, because it’s been a Super Secret project until recently. Allow me to introduce (drumroll, please):

Winter in the City: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Tales

Remember R. B. Wood, host of the Word Count podcast? This is his superhero brainchild. I’m just the sidekick. (Though let’s be honest: I make a pretty awesome sidekick.)

Cities are generally unacknowledged characters in urban fantasy. This anthology aims to change that. We’re hoping to have a world tour of cities by writers both new and established. I’m not allowed to share the names yet of those established authors who have expressed interest in the project, but we’ll be dropping them throughout this month.

The website for Winter in the City is here, with more information on its way.

But promise me you’ll check out our Kickstarter. We need to raise $15,000 in order to make this happen. Even if you don’t back the project, you should still click the link and take a look at our video. I’m in it. It’s special.

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