Ice! Fire! Lobster!

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

This Robert Frost poem — at least, these first two lines of it — have been stuck in my head off and on for at least a year now. Now, I finally have an opportunity to use it!

In my last post, I mentioned What Follows, an apocalyptic fantasy anthology that just finished its second week on Kickstarter. At the moment, it’s not doing so well. I will love you forever if you share the link, talk or bribe or blackmail friends and family into supporting it, and/or support it yourself.

In the story I want to write, the world really is ending spectacularly as ice giants battle fire giants, crushing what little else remains. Pan is taking bets as to which side will emerge the victor — she’s rooting for fire — then selling strategies to the competing sides when that grows dull.

I want to write her story! But that won’t be happening any time soon, unless this anthology reaches its funding goal. (Back at the right award level and I may even name a character after you!)

And Pan? She’s a lobster. An evolved lobster, really. Because lobsters are immortal.

So tell me: which side would you bet on? Fire or ice?

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