I Am Entirely Too Good At Wasting Time

So my husband just made an entirely blasphemous suggestion: that we give up internet (aka time-waster) video for the month of February.

My first reaction: sounds good; enjoy! Second: wait, you mean me too? Third: what are you, nuts?

Methinks I have a problem.

It sounds like a great idea, as long as I’m not the one doing it. Applying that idea to me, I’m encountering a familiar denial-avoidance that tends to mean this is something I should actually do.


As this is the first time I’ve been on my computer all two days of the month, I won’t even be starting it with an excuse-ridden deficit. So I think I’m going to do it. Granted, I might alter the conditions. I don’t want to reach the end of the month and binge on anything and everything I can find.

The problem with the internet is that I can find just as many ways to waste my time without video as with, and it’s time in front of a screen that eats my productivity.

This plan will be a work in progress for a day or two. I need to figure out a balance that won’t lead to a backlash binge or an otherwise random scrolling of websites I have no proper interest in staring at. Not even an improper interest, which would be much more fun, but not something I’d be likely to share here.

If I do follow through on this, I might finally get around to updating this blog and, you know, maybe posting more content. Maybe the current novel-draft that I’d hoped to finish a month ago won’t take me another two months to finish, which it certainly will at my current rate. (And considering my subsequent writing plans involve a total re-write of an old novel, cursory revision, send out for critique, and revise again — all before November — I need to find a higher gear.)

I miss writing stories for podcast, too.

So, yes, I will attempt this time-waster detox. Wish me luck?

3 thoughts on “I Am Entirely Too Good At Wasting Time

  1. A friend of mine told me while misery, & angst have had me DOWN as a result of my lack of employment, that I should take those feelings, & throw it into my drawing. I’ve found that my mind doesn’t work like that. While I don’t need to be in a state of happiness (in fact, seldom am I that ) but I do need to be at peace, thankfully as a result of finding (at least tentatively a part-time job) I”ve found that peace. I’ve drawn more in the past few days, than I have in the past five months.

    1. I’m with you — stress has never helped me. I didn’t write much of anything (certainly nothing worth seeing the light of day) for at least two years after my dad died. Glad to hear things are still improving for you!

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