More Snow!

Yes, that is my car under there.

Over a foot has fallen in a little more than twelve hours. The weather advisory (unless things have changed since last I checked) is still in effect for nearly another twelve.

On the bright side, it’s pretty. And we still have power.

My plans for today include writing, more writing, shoveling, baking dark chocolate chip cookies, likely more shoveling, with some extra writing. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I may even get the snowshoes out.

What do you like to do on snowbound days?

2 thoughts on “More Snow!

  1. What I’d like to do is check movies out, go to pro wrestling events, concerts, and whathavya, but being broke most of the time , doesn’t lend itself to those kind of activities 2 often. So…..much like yourself, I’m also dealing with snow……l guess I’m gonna have to go with….staying warm, baking sweets, and when I can motivate myself, draw/sketch.

    1. That was the worst part about living in Seattle: so much awesome stuff going on, not enough money to actually see any of it. Sounds like you have a pretty amazing back up plan, though! 🙂

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