Happy Ragnarok!

Given the crazy weather lately, it figures that the end of the world should arrive on a day this sunny and (relatively) warm.

Seriously, how many times has the world ended over the last few years? Is anyone else finding this a little repetitive?

On that note, I would like to announce (for those of you who haven’t already seen it) the relaunch of What Follows: A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Anthology. (Though the “Post-” is a slight misnomer, since the theme is immortals facing the end-times.) This time, the campaign is up on Indiegogo, since it allows a little more flexibility than Kickstarter.

I’m nearing the end of the current novel draft and thoroughly excited to start my story for the anthology.

The excitement helps me forget the dread of critique group tomorrow. One of the short stories we’re reviewing is mine. Maybe because of how much I love it, I am strangely (for me) terrified. I usually delight in the chance to pick my work apart.

On the other hand, the world might end today. In which case, I’m worrying for nothing.

2 thoughts on “Happy Ragnarok!

  1. There’s one more time after this, that I’m going to post here, then I’m gonna give you a break from me 4 awhile. I have been noticing since I got my new cell phone that t have been (unintentionally) a pest.

    Anyway I’m stoked that you’re back in the race w/ Gogo, which l hope will yield better dividends 4 u.

    When I post next, hopefully I’ll have found a way to scan using my cell phone in unison with my scanner, so I can finally do more than talk about drawing. If not, then I’ll upload some pics, via my cell phone, though it’ll only be webcam quality.

    Finally….lf (big if) the $ comes in that I’m expecting, I’ll (try) to contribute to your venture. Best of 4tune 2 u M.J.

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