Having Fun?

In our latest Nostalgia Adventures, our heroine spent the weekend in a high school theater reliving the glory days watching some amazingly talented kids and writing. (Seriously, high school was relatively good to me, but, uh, no turning back the clocks, ok? Daylight Savings is bad enough, and visiting high school only helps me appreciate more the fact that I am past that phase of life.)

My husband works with them, so I had a legitimate reason to haunt the place — I swear!

And I get the occasional high schooler who thinks I’m one of them. While I’m not 30 yet, this is still pretty awesome, considering that, while I was still in high school, many people assumed I was older.

The festival was awesome and the kids came in second, which means they advance to States in two weeks. Unlike last year, the current day job gives me weekends off, so I’ll be able to catch at least some of it.

It’s fantastic to see what kids can do when the adults around them believe they can and set high (but not impossible) expectations.

The other side to all this is the schedule. Four hours of sleep Friday night, three hours Saturday. At this point, I’m looking forward to work because that will almost be like sleeping in, after the weekend. Scary thought.

One day, there will be a story — or many! — that will let me call all this “research.” In the meantime, I’m having fun, even with the sleep deprivation.

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