Don’t Put Away Childish Things

I’m freaking out. Just a little.

See, last night, I submitted a short story. You know, right after I finished that damned novel draft.

That was exciting.

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been rushing like mad to get those done. That, and the drama festival. The kids were fantastic, the shows were generally amazing, and research-wise the whole trip was pure gold. Even if cultural appropriation ran rampant at times and made me question the direction of our future.

But that’s a rant for another day, and just a few moments out of an otherwise great weekend.

Making myself sit down to write this post has been hard. I’d like to blame it on burnout, but that’s a rocky road to travel so early in the post-project haze and runs the risk of being little more than an excuse to stare blankly.

Today ended up being a partial snow day, during which I have accomplished absolutely nothing. Here’s hoping that’s out of my system, and I can actually get things done tomorrow!

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