Hello, Burnout

As I said over on Facebook a couple hours ago, “creative things” apparently means cooking today. Spice pancakes for breakfast, raisin cinnamon bread currently filling the house with yummy smells, and hummus made from scratch just waiting for the garlic naan to finish rising.

I think the three or so hours I spent doing taxes was enough left-brain activity that the right-brain is now lashing out.

Now if only it would apply that to the stories I need to give feedback on, or the novel and short story I need to write that have something like deadlines.

I don’t have time for burnout.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve had a proper weekend. Granted, two-day weekends never feel like that. (How did I ever manage school?) But Saturday had the extra special benefit of being Town Meeting. Hooray, small-town life.

Of course, Town Meeting has the dual relation to both personal and work life, considering I now work for the town in which I live. It was educational, for sure, and I’m glad I went, but it didn’t feel like I had much real choice in the matter. Add to that the fact that anything that takes me away from writing makes me extra grumpy, and I’m a bit growly about the whole thing. Which is funny, because I didn’t expect to be getting any writing done, anyway.

Not even a fully week has passed since I finished two major projects. I knew burnout was coming — it’s here — but for once I have the next projects lined up, with deadlines of their own. Thanks to burnout, I’m having a hard enough time getting words on the page. Getting between me and what writing I do manage? That’s just asking me to bite your head off.

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