Not All Here

It’s official: when I am going on a project, social/communication capacity is the first to go. There’s only so much I can do at once, and writing takes an amazing amount of processing power.

My phone calls are shorter, fewer, and farther between. Facebook and Twitter posts become fewer and even more sporadic. Emails are shorter, when I get around to them at all. And this blog just keeps gasping along.

In case you couldn’t tell, burnout hasn’t been much of an issue. I had a few days’ lull, rough drafted a short story, then turned around and started the re-write. Less than a week and I’m already three chapters in. If this pace keeps up, I won’t have any problem making my self-imposed deadline.

Life isn’t that nice, so I’ll take what I can get whenever I get it.

So if I’m slow to respond or seem distracted, now you know why. If I seem extra flighty and erratic — well, you know that, too. I’d apologize, but you know I wouldn’t mean it.

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