Weekend Visit

I meant to post before I left. We can all see how well that worked. Yay for magic phones!

I’m in Massachusetts right now visiting my sister for the first time in nearly a year. I go home tomorrow (during the Boston Marathon — until about a week ago, I had no idea these events would coincide) because this is New England and Patriot’s Day is a thing. Meaning I get a three day weekend.

Hardly any writing has been accomplished but I did discover that Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar makes for interesting bus reading. And I’ll be going home with more books I don’t have space or time for (but, oh, they look so pretty!), so I’m a little worried about how much this backpack of mine will weigh by the end.

This has been an awesome weekend for seeing a few of my friends in the area. I always wish I had enough time to visit with everyone. If I didn’t see you this time around, I’m sorry!

I love exploring Boston. I doubt I could handle living here, but visiting is great. Walking down the street and hearing half a dozen languages always makes me happy. Now if only some of this diversity of culture would make its way farther north to Downeast Maine.

Confession: I think this might just be the first time I’ve left Maine since ReaderCon last summer. That’s a truly frightening thought. But the rest of this year will make up for that with a vengeance.

. . . And now to actually visit with my sister. Hope you’re all having fantastic weekends!

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