Three Good Things

One of my friends introduced me to this idea years ago. When we talk — call, chat, or text — she’ll ask me to list three good things. Whether those are three good things in the day, or the week, or life in general doesn’t really matter.

It’s a way to remind us of the better parts of life, especially when one or the other of us is having a hard time breaking away from dwelling on the less-good parts. (Though sometimes I’m just being nosy.)

So here are my three good things:

  1.  Having a day job that doesn’t kill my soul and gives me weekends off. All weekends. It’s amazing how many of the things I’ve been wanting to do the last few years really are more compatible with a work schedule that doesn’t include weekends.
  2. SHAKESPEARE! (Who just had his 450th birthday, in case you missed it.) And about those things I want to do that tend to require weekends? For the first time since moving back to Maine, I was able to audition for the summer Shakespeare show. Julius Caesar, this year.
  3. Stories. Particularly the ones that seem to just flow out of my pen and onto the page. Unfortunately, it’s making life a little difficult right now, as I have a deadline next week for a story that is . . . less flow-happy. But still a good thing!

There are mine. Please share yours!

5 thoughts on “Three Good Things

  1. I may be stretching it a bit, but here goes__

    In no particular order;
    I’m happy for every day l draw a breath, b/c I’m reminded nothing lasts forever.

    I’m happy that this phone gives me the opportunity to keep up w/the goings on of the ‘net, (ie…YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ‘n of course, WordPress)

    And finally, I’m happy b/c ppl like yourself keep me motivated, or at worst, your creative endeavors, and enthusiasm for said endeavors, won’t allow me to sulk (4 2 long, anyway) which helps me to tune in on my creative pov.

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