May Is Here!

Happy May 1st!

I love May. Maine stops being consistently cold, grass is green, the early flowers are up with more soon to follow.

I don’t love what this general time of year does to me now. Dad will have been gone four years this June. His birthday is in two weeks. If he were still alive, he’d be turning 71.

Earlier today, I had a need to look up his obituary. I thought it was just because I’d seen someone else’s. After, I remembered that it’s May. And it all made sense.

Grief is a fascinating thing. Not an experience I relish or look forward to repeating, but fascinating, all this same.

At least this year, I have a lot going on during my problem-time. Mostly, spending a week in Istanbul and making writing deadlines. I haven’t done so well on the latter lately.

Confession: one reason for typing this blog post is to avoid editing. Which means it’s time to make myself sit down and get through a page or two . . .

4 thoughts on “May Is Here!

  1. Yeah… Grief, or just contemplating ones’ mortality, can be quite the experience. My Mom, passed a long time ago, but sometimes it still feels like yesterday. Her birthday would have been tomorrow.

    I’m not afraid of death per se, but I’m never comfortable thinking about my own mortality. W/ my Mom, Dad, & Sis all gone, well___ l see I’m starting to prattle on, so I’m gonna end it here.

    On a different note, FCBD is Saturday! I just have to reserve some energy for a two& a half hr walk.

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