And Go-Time!

Bags are mostly packed. One post is up and another scheduled for Anxiety Ink, and keeping with the theme of the moment, they’re about my experiences and things I’ve learned traveling as a writer.

I don’t know how often I’ll post, but Twitter may see some decent action, for once. If you haven’t followed me yet, please do: @mjkingwrite. Alternately, just check back on the blog every once in a while and take a look at the sidebar.

Anyone out there have a favorite trip to share? How about something upcoming, or someplace on your bucket list? Comment and tell me about them!

5 thoughts on “And Go-Time!

  1. Not much of a traveller. Been 2 L. A. a cpl of times, and parts of Canada. Also somewhere, where they say YeeHaa, a lot, but my memory is fuzzy about exact location.

    As for bucket list destinations, l’m not holding my breath, but Chi-Town, I’ve always wanted 2 visit, as well as N. Y. The real pie in the sky stuff…Africa, The Orient, “Paris”. That’s about it.

    1. I like NYC though it’s too far away to visit as often as I want. You can tell I’m all about the pie in the sky stuff. 😛

      Hope you get a chance to cross some of those places off your list!

      1. Actually…since u’re doing that which u love 2 do, it’s not really “pie in the sky”, it’s more like…enjoying the desert!

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