This Is Exciting!

I have awesome dreams. I’ve mentioned that before in this blog, and it bears repeating.

These are dreams I don’t want to wake up from – not until we’ve reached the goal or found the thing, not until I’ve gotten to know the other characters. It’s breathless and exciting and heart-pounding.

That’s the sort of story I want to write.

Today as I was working on the novel rewrite, and thinking about the rewrite, and wishing the day job would just get out of my way so I could work more on the rewrite, I realized that the story has reached that flavor of intoxication.

Keep in mind that this speaks nothing to the quality of writing. In its own way, this is a first draft, so I expect to discover that it is complete and utter crap when I go back over it.

But the act of writing it is as heady and addicting as the best of dreams. I hope that even a fraction of that comes through in the reading.

It made me so excited, I had to share!

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