Shakespeare is kicking my ass.

This is awesome.

But this does mean that on days I have rehearsal, the computer never turns on. On one hand, it’s great for my productivity. On the other, it means I have an even harder time staying on top of this whole communication thing. So my posts here could remain more sporadic than normal until the final performance in August.

(And if you happen to be in the Bangor/Bar Harbor area of Maine in the last two weekends of July and first weekend of August, you should totally come see Julius Caesar. It will be epic.)

On Monday, my post over at Anxiety Ink discussed social media: how I try to use it and what I find difficult with it.

I love all of you. I love every like and follow and comment I receive both here and on Twitter.

But I’m not great at initiating interaction beyond my posts. So I don’t necessarily follow everyone back. I rarely comment on other blogs. Partly because the etiquette of it all still confuses me, and mostly because if I let myself, I would sink hours and hours into just that.

And I would much rather be writing.

So you – yes, you – and your patience with me is amazing. Thank you.

Stories are the reward you get. Because, really stories are the ultimate currency.

. . . Now to figure out tomorrow’s Anxiety post and avoid Facebook for a few more hours until Father’s Day is over. The commercial lead-up to the day upsets me (one sign said, “Remember your dad this Father’s Day.” REALLY?!) and the culmination just pisses me off, and I get extra pissed when I see mentions of my dad. He is/was not some saccharine gimmick.

But that’s not a rant I want to get into, so I’m just going to leave this here.

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