Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  • Performing Shakespeare at Fort Knox
  • Next week when Julius Caesar is over and I have enough time and brain-space to return to my less-irregularly scheduled blogging
  • Crossing things off my mile-long to-do list (after the show run ends)
  • Finishing this novel rewrite so I can make more headway on my to-read pile and work on some of these short stories that growing more and more aggressive in their races around my brain (but I’ve only just past the halfway point, so we’ll see)
  • Developing something that vaguely resembles discipline in my screen-time so I can hop on my computer to post to my blog and not waste three hours of my life before I even start typing

That last is the one I have the least hope for.

And somehow, since my last post, I attended ReaderCon (had an amazing time) and celebrated (more or less) a birthday. There will be more, proper posts later, but at least by this you know I’m alive.

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